yo~ my name is... shmozie....... yeah... let's go with that....
i live on a little itty bitty U.S. island in the pacific ocean. i'll leave it up to you to google it or something ;3

i'm into pokemon, neopets, video games, anime, manga, cosplaying and drawing... well, more like doodling~

i post random drawings of mine and reblog stuff that interest me (mainly pokemon).

um.. yeah....


life happens…..and so do exams…. lol~
GOOD LUCK~!!! ^w^fight the urge~!concentrate and don’t procrastinate!we’ll all be waiting to hear from you ;w;)7

life happens…..
and so do exams…. lol~

GOOD LUCK~!!! ^w^
fight the urge~!
concentrate and don’t procrastinate!
we’ll all be waiting to hear from you ;w;)7

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